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Barras Market Home Page.....

Welcome to the website for the Barras Market. The Barras is world famous, and well known as the market place to purchase a bargain in the East End of Glasgow.

The Barras Market is a mixture of street markets, indoor markets, shops and pubs. Just about anything can be purchased at the Barras, with items ranging from antiques to a pair of work boots! The Barras is also home to the Barrowland Ballroom. More recently there has been an influx of new arts and entertainment hubs, including a mixture of additional places to grab a quick bite to eat or something more substantial.

It is well worth while spending a couple of hours just walking around, taking in the sights and sounds, and soaking up the atmosphere. You never know what you might find.....

barras view

Markets Open Saturday & Sunday 9.30 am - 4.30 pm || Shops Typically Open Wednesday to Monday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm


Barras entrance

The Barras Market is located in the East End of Glasgow (G40). It is bounded by the Gallowgate and London Road, and runs from Bain Street to the Glasgow Cross.

Entrances to the main part of the market are marked by the distinctive Barras archways (gateway to a bargin).

Parking is available in the surrounding streets, and a number of small car parks in the area. The market is also within easy walking distance of the City centre.

History of The Barras.....

old barras 2The Barras Market has a long tradition in the East End of Glasgow, with hawkers selling from handcarts (barras) in the early part of the 20th Centuary.

This subsequently became more formalised in the 1920's and 30's with the building of the McIvers sheds, and the Barrowlands Ballroom. The present ballroom was rebuilt in 1960, after a fire in 1958.


old barras 1Today the Barras Market is thriving, and known throughout the world. There are many independant Markets (Randalls, McIvers, BAad, The Square Yard etc), as well as a multitude of independant shops (e.g. Bills Tools, Motoring World, Pearsons, PTS) and plenty of places to eat (St Lukes, A'Challtainn, The Rumbling Tum etc).



traderMany opportunities exist to join in and become a 'Barras trader'. Pitches can be rented inside or outside, and are available on a permanent or day-to-day basis.

For further information, ask any of the traders for their market manager. Remember that the market halls are all independant, so if one market is full, try asking at one of the others.


£3.5 Million investment in the Barras, September 2012:
£3.5 million pounds investment in the Barras from Glasgow Council, to be used over the next five years. Awarded to the Barras regeneration group, which includes The Barrows Enterprise Trust, and other parties interested in the future of the Barras area.


Barras plastic bags now on sale:
Joan (pictured left), the first purchaser of one of the new Barras plastic bags. The bags feature a stylish black and white image of the Barras arches, and have been produced by the Barras Trust to help publicise the market. Traders can purchase bundles of bags from Fabric Bazaar, members of the public can buy the bags from participating shops/markets.

Antiques Road Trip visits the Barras, June 2012:
The Antiques Celebrity Road Trip recently visited the Glasgow Antiques and Collectables Market. Starring antiques experts Charlie Ross and James Braxton, and Tom Ward and Emilia Fox from "Silent Witness". Click here for further information.

Demolition of buildings on Moncur Street, January 2012:
Part of Moncur Street has been temporarily closed, to allow for demolition of buildings made structuraly unsafe by recent storms. The closure affects the part of Moncur Street at its junction with Gibson Street. Business should return to normal soon (end of February 2012).







Other demolition news..... the top floor of the Traders Tavern has been demolished (following fire and storm damage), and the tavern is currently being converted into a one storey building.


Santas Grotto opened for Christmas 2011:
Santa and his elves have set up at the Barras for Christmas.
Kids can come and see Santa in his grotto on normal market opening days, starting saturday 3rd December.
The grotto can be found at Calton Entry, in the old nursery building. Come along and decorate a cup cake with the elves, and talk to santa, all for free.


Barras Regeneration Action Group (BRAG):
Friday 12th August 2011, Barras Regeneration Action Group launched. Comprising groups interested in the future of the Barras, including Glasgow Council, The Barrows Enterprise Trust, Strathclyde University, Margaret McIvers Ltd, Rock DCM Ltd and others.  Anas Sarwar (MP) and John Mason (MSP) are also taking a keen interest in the matter, and are fully supportive of the group, as are a number of local members of the council.  The aim of the group is to encourage and faciliate both short and longterm growth in the Barras area.

STV Childrens Charity Appeal 2011, Barras Auction:
Sunday 14th August 2011, saw Anita Manning auctioning off various goodies, including items from STV's 'Hour' show.

stv1 stv2

Pirate of the Barrabean:
Fun day with free gifts for kids from pirate 'Big Al', at the Barras on Sunday 22nd May 2011. Also a free prize draw for £1000.... just pick up your ticket from any participating shop, market or stall. Draw will take place on the 22nd of May.

Barras Regeneration Project:
Students from Strathclyde University will be looking at the Barras area, with the aim of suggesting ways forward for the market. The project is being supported by Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde University, The Barras Enterprise Trust and Rock DCM. Students will be based in the Barras Centre, at the heart of the market. They will be looking to get peoples views about the Barras, and how we all feel things could progress. We hope that everyone will welcome the students, and help in contributing to this exciting new project for the Barras. Further information can be found at the projects website: http://www.24-7barras.co.uk

Calton Fun Day:
The Calton Fun Day, held in front of St Lukes & St Andrews Church on Saturday (7/8/2010), was well attended.
calton1  calton2

Barras Centre News:
According to the Sunday Herald (18/7/2010), the Barras Centre is to become home for some of Scotland's most exciting young fashion talents. The building will be used to showcase a number of young and upcoming designers, hold workshops, have fashion shows, and also to sell from stalls at the weekend market. The designers hope to be open for business in August. Good luck from everyone at the Barras Trust, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Barras Enterprise Trust AGM:
Barras Enterprise Trust AGM to be held at 7 pm Wednesday 7th July 2010. To be held at the Trusts office (233 London Road). Nominations for the board need to be submitted in advance.

Film to be made about the Barras:
Glasgow film company "Diversity Films" is making a film about the history of the Barras. To find out more about the project, to get involved, or to just pass on your memories about the Barras, contact Diversity films: http://www.diversityfilms.org.uk/

New Street Market Opens:
A new Street market opened at the Barras on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August 2009. The market is in Stevenson Street and will initially be held every Saturday and Sunday between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Mainly selling antiques and collectables, complementing the three long standing markets in the area (Glasgow Antiques & Collectables, The Cartwheel, and The Squareyard). In addition, farm produce and other crafts may be available in the future (depending on demand).

SheBoom play at the Barras:
World famous Glasgow womens samba style drum band (SheBoom), busked at the Barras on Saturday 22nd August 2009. They were fantastic. To find out more about Sheeboom, visit: http://www.sheboom.co.uk/


Paddy's Market shuts:
16th May 2009 Paddy's Market shut for the last time. However, a number of traders formerly at Paddy's moved into Marketland at the Barras. Welcome and good luck with the move.


Barrows Enterprise Trust.....

The Barrows Enterprise Trust Ltd was set up in 1982, with the aim of promoting the Barras Market. The Trust is run and maintained by a group of volunteers, taken from the markets, shops, stalls and residents in the Barras Market area, and from other interested local public bodies. For a list of current members of the Barrows Enterprise Trust click here.

The general aims of the Barrows Enterpise Trust are:

     • Promote the Barras Market area;
     • Encourage regeneration and revitalisation of the market;
     • Represent the interests of the Barras Market

Some of the areas that the Trust is involved in include:

     • Organisation of refuse collection, and after market clean up;
     • Liason between groups working in the Barras area; 
     • Listening to traders concerns about the Barras

Please feel free to contact the Barrows Enterprise Trust:

Barrows Enterprise Trust Ltd,
64 Moncur Street,
G40 2SL

tel: 07896540297

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